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Check out this weight loss meal planner printable that helps you plan your meals, track your water intake, schedule workouts, and prep your meals!

How To Try This Weight Loss Meal Planner For Free & Get 15% Off The Original Price

Interested in this weight loss journal but a little on the fence? No worries… I would be too!

That’s why I’ll let you download a mini version of this weight loss meal planner for FREE and get a code for 15% off the original price!  

Just click the link to get started! 

Eating healthy during the week is a struggle bus type situation. Why?

Because you’re either going to work, at work, or recovering from work (and if you’re not then what is your secret) and one of the last things you want to do during the week is cook something healthy to eat. But eating healthy is essential if you want to lose weight.

So what can you do? The best thing I know to do is to meal plan and meal prep on the weekends ( I talk about meal planning in this post and about meal prepping in this post)

I lost 4 pounds in a week when I planned and prepped my meals LINK so I know they both work. And one of the most effective ways to meal plan is to use a meal planner!

Whether you prefer a paper or digital meal planner, using one keeps you on track with your goals and ensures that you accomplish them. That’s why I’m excited to share this weight loss meal planner printable with you!

Let me tell you more about it! 

Weight Loss Meal Planner Details 

With this weight loss meal planner, you can not only plan meals for the week but also for the month. Or for many months for that matter (just print multiple copies of the calendar view meal planner). 

Something that I frequently hear about eating healthy is that it’s more expensive. If you believe this, the truth is…you’re right! It is more expensive to eat healthy…let’s just keep it real.

That’s why I included a page where you can write down your grocery list with coupons, sales, and cash-back apps in mind. This way you can save money and eat healthy at the same time.

On this page you can write down sale prices, coupons you might have for an item, and a space to write down any deals you might have from cashback apps like Ibotta or Checkout 51.

That makes this planner a must-have for anyone who wants to make sure they’re saving money while eating well. There’s also a spot to track your water intake (which is super important), which makes this planner perfect for anyone looking to keep track of their hydration throughout the day.

Exercise accelerates your weight loss so that’s why I also add a place to schedule your workouts for the week. 

My Meal Planning Confession

As much as I love the idea of meal planning, I have to admit that I stink at doing it!

So I created a meal nutrient tracker.

When you have a meal idea or recipe you want to try, you can use this tracker to write down every ingredient as well as its calories, WW points, fat grams, carbs, or fiber.

That way you can know exactly what you're eating and adjust it according to your dietary needs!

But wait...there's more! (hey, I love infomercials :)) I've also created a healthy recipe builder. What's that you ask?

Well, it's a recipe card with spaces for you to write down the calories, points, fat grams, and carbs in each ingredient of the recipe!

This will make it SUPER easy for you to create healthy meals and recipes for you and your family.

Page 1

Page 2

And remember when I mentioned meal prepping helping me lose 4 pounds in a week? Because I know how powerful meal prepping is, I included a meal prep journal so that you can prep your healthy foods in half the time!

The journal will make your meal prep session organized so it can run more quickly and smoothly. And just so you don’t have to do all the thinking, I’ve included some easy meal plan ideas (not recipes but ideas) and some tips to make meal planning easier and faster!

I also believe in praying over your weight loss journey.

That's why I included a weight loss prayer challenge calendar! You can use the calendar to check off each day you have prayed about your weight loss struggles.

Or you can use the calendar to write down specific things you want to pray about each day such as emotional eating, perseverance, or anything else your heart desires!

So don’t wait any longer, get your weight loss meal planner today!

Complete your order today and kick your weight loss journey into high gear with this weight loss meal planner printable!                        

What You Get With This Instant Download Printable Weight Loss Meal Planner 

- 3 Different types of daily/weekly meal planners

- Monthly meal planner

- Weight loss prayer challenge calendar 

- Meal prep journal

- Meal/ingredient tracker: Track the number of calories, points (for my Weight Watchers people), fat, carbs, fiber, and protein with this meal nutrient tracker. 

- Reminders to write down the calories (or points if you’re a Weight Watchers girl) for your meals and ingredients 

- Meal plan ideas & tips to make meal planning easier

- Meal planning tips so you don’t have to figure out everything for yourself (less thinking for the win!) 

- Health tracker page to track your water intake and schedule your workouts

- 2 different kinds of shopping lists (one by grocery category and one based on sales)

- Super cute weight loss trackers

- Instant download so you can start using your planner right away

Who Is This For

- Women looking to lose weight 
- Moms who want to feed their children healthy meals 
- Anyone who wants to get healthy and save money at the same time
- Anyone using a points-based system for their diet 

- Anyone on the keto diet 
- Anyone on the paleo diet 
- Anyone who wants to count calories and maintain their weight 

How To Try This Product Free & Get 15% Off The Original Price

Interested in this weight loss journal but a little on the fence? No worries… I would be too!

That’s why I’ll let you download a mini version of this weight loss meal planner for FREE and get a code for 15% off the original price!  

Just click the link to get started! 

Want A Digital Version Of This Product Too?

I have a digital fitness and weight loss journal you can check out by clicking here

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